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Does your company use a traditional public switched telephone network? PSTN is the old way companies made phone calls or sent messages to colleagues or clients. While it’s reliable, it’s also expensive to maintain and often limits companies if they want to expand beyond their geographic areas.

To solve this problem, VoIP was invented, and its market has been exponentially growing for decades. In fact, Infonetics Research expects the VoIP and unified communications market to grow to nearly $90 billion by 2018. This growth should give you the confidence to make the switch from PSTN to VoIP in Richmond, VA. And we can help!

Here are five advantages of using VoIP:

  • 1. Easy installation: When companies want to expand their PSTN communications systems, they have to install lines. This can lead to network downtime and office disruption, which in turn, can cause a sharp decline in revenue if employees struggle to make outgoing calls to clients. With VoIP there are no lines or hardware to install. You only need to purchase IP phones, and we’ll even install the software for you.
  • 2. Reduced costs: VoIP saves you money in a number of ways. When using PSTN, you’re basically renting the copper wires that your messages travel across. With VoIP, there are no wires. All messages cross the internet. Along with cutting out rental fees, you also save on maintenance, upgrade and repair costs because you don’t need to hire a technician. Finally, does your company make a lot of international calls? VoIP saves you on international calling expenses.
  • 3. Increased scalability: While we briefly covered this under “easy installation” it’s worth mentioning again. VoIP is perfect for companies looking to expand or scale back staff. They can easily add or drop lines at ease.
  • 4. Simple integration: Many companies worry about how new telephone networks will integrate with their current systems. When they sign up for VoIP in Richmond, all of their old solutions, such as telephone, email and fax, will fuse effortlessly with their new processes. VoIP doesn’t prevent you from communicating, it enhances it.
  • 5. Flexible offerings: Are most of your staff in house? Do you have many satellite offices around the U.S.? Do you make a lot of international calls or have a large global sales staff? Size and type doesn’t matter. Every company can benefit from using VoIP.

These are only five of the benefits companies will enjoy when they sign up for one of the VoIP solutions at Richmond Telecom. Call us today for more information!