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If you’re considering upgrading your business phone system or switching to a new one, you’re probably wondering what Richmond Telecom offers that’s different from our competitors. We are the best option for telecommunications services in the Central Virginia area and offer several unique services to our customers. Our philosophy is to provide each customer with individualized services targeted for their specific needs.

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Effective communication with our patients is crucial to the success of our practice. Therefore, when we set about selecting a new telephone system for our office, we wanted a system that offered features that would increase the productivity of our office staff and the flexibility to interface with our mobile phones so that we could be in contact with our patients any time of day. But just as important, we wanted a vendor that would take the time to understand our specific needs and recommend a solution to achieve the goals we had established. Richmond Telecom set themselves apart with their consultative approach and the expertise to recommend the right system, designed and programmed specifically to meet our needs.

Juan F. Villalona, MD, FAAP
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the outstanding service we received from your team. Of course, I was out of town on business when our voicemail system decided to crash, but I found out that I couldn’t have been in better hands. Dan stepped in immediately and worked late into the night to make sure we were up and running for the next day. I was even told that a young lady from your office came here after 9 pm and re-recorded all of our system greetings. It just doesn’t get any better than that!
David Archibald, President, Auto Insurers of Virginia

Whenever I need an answer to a voice or data communications question, I call Richmond Telecom. They’ve never failed to come up with the right solution. But beyond Richmond Telecoms’ knowledge and up-to-date expertise is their ethical way of doing business. It’s a pleasure working with someone with great integrity to go along with great ability.

Freddy Cobb, Cobb Office Technologies

Richmond Telecom is as knowledgeable and honest a business partner as I have known during the past 20 years. Richmond Telecom’s staff has enabled our 150 employees to serve our customers better by coming up with creative, cost-effective, efficient solutions for all of our communications needs.

Hugh Joyce, President, James River Air Conditioning

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

No matter your industry, we provide trusted Richmond telecom solutions that exceed your expectations.

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