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Answering phone calls

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Answering phone calls

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Basic data entry

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Basic data entry

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Organizing calendar

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Organizing calendar

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Booking travels

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Should my business buy a cloud solution or an on premise solution?2020-10-19T22:53:15+00:00

Determining whether your business should purchase a cloud or premise based solution requires a fair amount of due diligence. To accurately determine which system is right for the needs of your organization, Richmond Telecom provides a thorough on site assessment of your current phone system and setup, internet speeds, current phone bills, cabling and features that you would like to have in a new system.

There are many factors that must be considering before making a choice of solution. As a trusted partner in this process, Richmond Telecom can help guide you step by step to ensure that you get exactly the sort of service that you need.

How can Richmond Telecom better help me understand what is new in technology and how it can help my business?2020-10-19T22:52:42+00:00

We are committed to cultivating a full understanding of exactly what you need. That’s why we perform a completely COST FREE network analysis, complete with audit of your current technology and equipment, including servers, desks, PC’s, phone systems and cabling infrastructure. Our 5 point overview covers the following services:

  • Review and inventory all servers and workstations (PC’s/Laptops, Tablets, etc.)
  • Review current Internet speeds and associated costs, phone bills and functionality of your phone system
  • Perform an initial review of your existing backup and recovery policies and processes
  • Assess your current support strategies and business needs
  • Identify your current “pain points”
There are so many offerings available in the marketplace! Between hosted, cloud, VOIP and traditional, how can I figure out which is the right one for me and my business?2020-10-19T22:50:29+00:00

We can help! Whenever Richmond Telecom engages a new or existing client, the first thing we do is learn more about what exactly your business does, and for what purposes you use their phones. We ask what you like about your current setup, what you don’t like, what options you’d like to add on and even about choices you may not have even known were a possibility.

Then we walk you through exactly what features and capabilities are open to you, and educate you on how they’d fit into the professional ecosystem that you’ve created. In this way, not only do we help meet your needs, we help you understand what they are in the first place.

What sets Richmond Telecom apart from other service providers?2020-10-19T22:51:07+00:00

It starts with our flexibility. Many telecom providers specialize in selling just one type of phone system. A lot of the time, this isn’t going to meet the customer’s needs. Richmond Telecom on the other hand, represents a variety of diverse phone vendors, which allows us to offer our customers the best solutions for their specific requirements. We’ve been able to build long-standing relationships with a range of cloud and hosted voice providers, as well as a successful track record with traditional phone system industry leaders like Mitel, Avaya and Allworx — three award winning companies that provide reliable and durable systems with many of the same robust features advertised by cloud and VoIP systems.

Our engineering team is highly-certified, experienced and customer-focused in everything we do. Whether you decide to move to a hosted solution or choose you do not want to go VOIP or cloud and need to use existing phone cabling and integrate with paging and other analog based equipment, we can customize a premise-based system. No matter how your current IT infrastructure is organized, or what business challenge you are faced with, Richmond Telecom can tailor design a phone system that will meet your needs and budget.

Can Richmond Telecom support my data network?2020-10-19T22:52:05+00:00

Richmond Telecom support offers a wide range of support options for your data network, including:

  • Computer and Server Support and Backup
  • Managed IT Services
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Network Design and Engineering
  • Network Security

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