Telecom systems are the lifeblood of any business. It’s how they expand their holdings and increase sales. Unfortunately, many companies don’t understand how truly valuable their telecom system solutions are to accomplishing their operational goals. They continue relying on archaic or broken systems that hold them back.
That’s where Richmond Telecom can help.

Unlike other providers who have a limited number of telecom offerings, we present an array of phone systems and services so companies can choose the one that best fits their needs. For example, if a company’s PBX is deteriorating and they fear the costs of upgrading to a new one, we can try refurbishing their old system. For those who want to upgrade their telecom systems from analog to digital – a wise move for growing companies – we can take care of the entire installation process.

Here are several other advantages we offer over competitors:

  • Agreements made easy: Companies fear contracts. You won’t have one when using our maintenance services. Choose either an ongoing service agreement or contract with us on an as-needed time-and-materials basis.
  • Warranties provide comfort: Managers like to plan ahead. They also like flexible financing. That’s why we offer a 15-year warranty on each structured cabling project we install. We also offer adaptable financing plans for each telecom systems solution.
  • Individualized experience: The type of experience you’ll receive is worth mentioning again. We don’t believe in a one-sized fits all approach. Certain telecom system solutions may work for one company but not another. Ask us about our all​-in-one phone systems for small to large companies, VoIP networks with Find-Me/Follow-Me calling and United Messaging, voice systems, cabling and cloud products.
  • Telephone support and maintenance: Many providers will only provide telecom system solution support if you purchase one of their products. Our policy is different: We provide 24 hour emergency service, support and maintenance. We also offer remote diagnostics, training and consulting for all your telecom systems solutions.